RATIONAL iCombi Pro Combi-Steamer

Intelligent, flexible, productive. The new standard.


Intuitive operating concept

The new operating concept runs through the production process with visual imagery, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions. So that everyone can work error-free from the start.


Cooking intelligence

The iCookingSuite knows the way to your desired cooking result and produces it time and time again. With excellent quality. You can also intervene at any time during the cooking process, or switch from a single to a mixed load. This is freedom, this is flexibility.


Efficient food production

The iProductionManager plans production processes and indicates which foods are best cooked together. Streamlines processes, saves time and energy.


Ultrafast cleaning

A clean unit in approx 12 minutes, this can only be done by the iCombi Pro. Even the standard clean saves 50%* in time and cleaner. Stay clean, less downtime, more productive time.


Carefully designed

More fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet shape, increased dehumidification performance all mean up to 50%* larger loads and even better food.


Integrated WiFi

The integrated WiFi-interfaces means the iCombi Pro connects easily both to the Internet and to your smartphone in order to connect with ConnectedCooking. For more convenience, security and inspiration.


iCombi Pro models

iCombi Pro XS 6-2/3

Capacity: 6 × 2/3 GN
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 5.7 kW

iCombi Pro 6-1/1

Capacity: 6 × 1/1 GN
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 10.8 kW

iCombi Pro 10-1/1

Capacity: 10 × 1/1 GN
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 18.9 kW

iCombi Pro 6-2/1

Capacity: 6 × 2/1 GN  (12 x GN 1/1)
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 22.4 kW

iCombi Pro 10-2/1

Capacity: 10 × 2/1 GN (20 x GN 1/1)
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 37.4 kW

iCombi Pro 20-1/1

Capacity: 20 × 1/1 GN
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 37.2 kW

iCombi Pro 20-2/1

Capacity: 20 × 2/1 GN (40 x GN 1/1)
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 67.9 kW


Available Options

- "Combi-duo" stacking units 
- bakery standard (600x400 trays)
- mobile oven rack
- and more...


C.E.C. Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. is an Authorized Distributor and Certified Service Partner for RATIONAL Products.